The Impact of Central Florida's Population Boom on Politics

Pollution and the interruption of natural water flows have had a devastating effect on the populations of birds, mosquitoes, and other species, damaging the Florida Keys reef system and degrading fishing in Florida Bay. The growth of the Puerto Rican population in Central Florida has been a major contributor to the increase in Latino communities in the area. The neighboring district of Neal Dunn is not populated enough, even though it covers an area from Panama City to northern Central Florida. Before the coronavirus pandemic, a study conducted by the Orlando Economic Association showed that 1500 people were moving to Central Florida every week and 1000 residents were relocating to Orange County. Robert McKnight, a former state legislator from Miami, observed the influence of Disney lobbyists when he was in the Florida House of Representatives and Senate between 1974-82, and as a business ally when he served as executive vice president of the Florida House.

Isbell noted that Republican legislators may prefer to leave intact the current seats in Central Florida held by Democrats and instead focus on other seats, such as Florida's 13th congressional district. These changes are already having an impact on politics not only in Central Florida but across the country. The greatest effect of this “generational change of guard” on Florida politics is reflected in the current numbers of party registrations by generation. This includes key seats in Florida's rapidly growing I-4 corridor, an important part of the national political real estate sector that will likely be the home region of Florida's new congressional headquarters, which is due to its continued population growth. Jim Clark, professor of history at UCF and political analyst for News 6, said that Florida is outperforming other states.

The changing political landscape in South Florida adds complexity to a state that has long been a crucial battleground. In fact, Walt Disney's Central Florida entertainment empire now faces major global problems such as congested roads, housing shortages, and scarcity of natural resources. While Disney lobbyists hold talks with legislators outside of public hearings, Eskamani said that allied associations such as the Florida Chamber, the Retail Federation, and Associated Industries of Florida testify publicly in support of what may be Disney's often tacit position. Given these changes, Central Florida should have additional representation due to its strong growth relative to other regions of the state. A survey conducted in mid-1999 among Florida voters revealed that more than 80 percent considered the state's growing population to be a problem and 40 percent said that Florida had become a less comfortable place to live in the past five years. The population surge in Central Florida has had a tremendous impact on politics both locally and nationally.

The influx of new residents has led to an increase in Latino communities and has shifted political power away from traditional strongholds like South Florida. This has resulted in changes to congressional districts and party registrations by generation. Additionally, Walt Disney's Central Florida entertainment empire has been forced to grapple with global issues such as overcrowding, housing shortages, and resource scarcity. The current population boom in Central Florida has made it an important part of national politics. It is likely that this region will become home to a new congressional headquarters due to its continued population growth.

As such, it is essential that Central Florida receive additional representation due to its strong growth relative to other regions of the state. The population growth in Central Florida has had far-reaching implications for politics both locally and nationally. It is clear that this region will continue to play an important role in national politics for years to come.

Désirée Lejeune
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