What are the Most Important Issues for Voters in Central Florida Today?

Eight candidates have qualified for a congressional district in West St. Petersburg, Florida. On the Republican side, Anna Paulina Luna, Amanda Makki, Kevin Hayslett, and Christine Quinn are running in the August primary. The only Democrat who qualified is Eric Lynn.

Ben Diamond and Michele Rayner were previously expelled from the district. The number of early votes suggests a potential landslide victory for Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, which could have a major impact on Florida's political landscape. Moreover, Florida law prohibits any political or election campaign material within 150 feet of polling stations. Voters in Central Florida are facing a variety of issues that will shape the future of the state. The economy is a major concern for many Floridians, as the state has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unemployment has skyrocketed and businesses have been forced to close their doors.

Healthcare is also a major issue, as many Floridians are struggling to access quality care due to rising costs and limited access to providers. Education is another important issue for voters in Central Florida. The state has seen a dramatic decrease in funding for public schools over the past decade, leading to overcrowded classrooms and inadequate resources for students. Additionally, there is a growing concern about the quality of education in the state, as many schools are failing to meet basic standards. Environmental issues are also top of mind for many voters in Central Florida. The state has seen an increase in extreme weather events over the past few years, leading to flooding and other natural disasters.

Additionally, there is a growing concern about water quality and access to clean drinking water. Finally, social issues such as immigration and gun control are also important topics for voters in Central Florida. Immigration has been a contentious issue in the state for years, with many residents feeling that current policies are too restrictive. Gun control is also a major issue, as many Floridians feel that current laws do not adequately protect citizens from gun violence.

Désirée Lejeune
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