The Essential Role of Local Government in Central Florida Politics

Local government is a major player in the politics of Central Florida. From decisions on schools, parks, libraries and police protection to the election of mayors and city councils, local government is a key factor in the region's political landscape. To ensure that the next generation of public leaders are well-prepared and equipped to succeed, the Central Florida Political Leadership Institute (PLI) was created. This non-partisan initiative provides an opportunity for emerging leaders from across the Central Florida business community to participate in this innovative program.

The city of Orlando is a great example of how local government works in Central Florida. The city council is the main legislative body of the city and the mayor is the executive director of the city. However, in Orlando, the mayor is also a member of the city council. This form of municipal government allows for decisions to be made that are beneficial to the citizens of Orlando. The PLI was designed to address concerns about political parties while at the same time identifying and encouraging new leaders within the Central Florida region.

This program provides an opportunity for those who may not have access to traditional channels of political parties to become involved in politics. By participating in this program, emerging leaders can gain valuable experience and knowledge that will help them become successful public leaders. Local government plays an essential role in Central Florida politics. From electing mayors and city councils to providing opportunities for emerging leaders, local government is a key factor in the region's political landscape. The PLI is a great example of how local government can help foster new leaders and provide them with the tools they need to become successful public servants.

Désirée Lejeune
Désirée Lejeune

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