The Impact of Immigration on Central Florida Politics: An Expert's Perspective

Immigration has had a remarkable effect on the politics of Central Florida. From Miami to the Florida Keys, the influx of immigrants has drastically altered the political landscape in a variety of ways. In Miami and its surrounding counties, Puerto Ricans have been a major factor in the state's political decisions, with their support for undocumented immigrants having far-reaching implications. Florida is renowned for its hyperlocal politics, but its tight margins have had national repercussions.

In 2000, the state's electoral votes determined the presidential election. Furthermore, Florida has taken legal action against the federal government for money spent on caring for illegal immigrants and political refugees from Cuba, Haiti, and Honduras. Immigrants have been coming to Florida for decades, often escaping oppressive regimes and violence. This influx of people has had a number of effects on the state's environment.

For instance, in Central Florida, the disruption of natural water flows and pollution have caused a decrease in mosquito populations and damaged the reef system of the Florida Keys. Fisheries in Florida Bay have also been degraded. Florida Politics is a new media platform that covers campaigns, elections, government, politics, and lobbying in the state. It provides an invaluable source of information about how immigration has impacted Central Florida politics.

Désirée Lejeune
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